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  • As of August 2018 Runescape Classic had to be closed down due to an accumulation of mistakes that kept occurring.After some time it was detected that too many glitches and bugs were becoming evident from the machine and the service simply was not able to help out with much of anything, therefore it had to be shut down.

    Unannounced 'RuneScape" Action RPG In Development

    The peak of Runescape's popularity is long behind us, but the world's biggest and most updated free MMORPG is still kicking, and apparently not moving anywhere anytime soon.Since the match started back in 2001,Runescape gold is seen over 200 million players and hundreds of updates. The game has come to iOS and Android apparatus with full cross-play compatibility. And there was such a hankering for classic Runescape that developer Jagex eventually released a different"Old-School" variant of the game for the more nostalgic types, or the men and women who favor their Runescape as pure as they recall.

    Nevertheless, it seems Jagex is once again digging into the Runescape well, but this time for some thing different. According to some other employee LinkedIn webpage, a new action RPG based inside the IP is currently in the works.More especially, the restart of Nathan Richardsson, the Executive Producer of said unannounced project, shows the previously unknown details.

    Richardsson, Buy Rs gold using Jagex since October, has the following on his Linkedin:"An unannounced Runescape Shared World Action Role Playing Game." As you can see, Jagex is unsurprisingly not altering everything up, and will continue the series' shared planet structure.Interestingly, an Action RPG could a small departure for the series and its original battle system, and could indicate the series will finally come to console. While Runescape hasn't seen like a fantastic fit for console gaming, action RPGs are more common on consoles, so it is possible this new endeavor will not only be restricted to the PC. But, who knows.
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    3/28/19 at 1:00 AM
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