Welcome! This is Python MC Panel’s Documentation

Python MC Panel is a Minecraft control panel written in Python.


  • Support for Bukkit and Vanilla Minecraft
  • Full provisioning of the server
  • Process management which can keep the Minecraft instances up, even in the event of a web panel crash (courtesy of .. _Supervisor: http://supervisord.org/
  • Built in backup feature, which supports Tar compression (defaults to gzip) and Zip compression
  • Support for multiple Minecraft instances in the one panel
  • Console support, utilising websockets so that it is more responsive and less bandwidth intensive
  • Player management including bans, kicks and setting operators (supports old-style one name per line, pipe separated and the fancy JSON format)

Todo list:

  • JSON API utilising an API key for majority of functionality available, documented on this here Sphinx installation
  • Upgrading/downgrading memory allocations, etc. at the moment it is not possible to do this without modifying the database and Supervisor config files
  • Complete backup support for possibility of remote backups, etc.
  • Possibly ACLs or at least some basic permissions system
  • Plugin installation/remove and possibly management
  • Troubleshooting actions to assist users when seeking help (for instance auto clearing log, rebooting server and then uploading captured results to Pastebin)
  • Completing backup support
  • Investigating Windows support (unlikely)
  • Possible WHMCS module for use by GSPs

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